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Discover the new Rosetta Stone® experience.

When it comes to language learning options, there are plenty of choices.
But there's only one leader—Rosetta Stone.

Millions of people around the world have already learned a new language with our award-winning approach. It's no coincidence that Rosetta Stone is the fastest way to learn a language. Our method is effective because it's more than the newest app—it's the result of decades of research into the way people learn best.

It's also effective because when you're driven by a mission to change the way the world learns, simply being the best isn't enough. Which means we're constantly enhancing the Rosetta Stone experience to make it faster, easier, and more fun to learn a new language than ever.

Current customers with access to Version 4 can upgrade free to the New & Improved Rosetta Stone by updating the desktop and mobile applications.

Everything that's great about our award-winning method. And then some.

The best part about learning a language is speaking it. We get you started from lesson one.

Rosetta Stone gets you speaking immediately—and surrounds you with your new language in an interactive immersion experience that's as effective as it is enjoyable.

Just follow our lead to language-learning success.

We've redesigned our learning environment to help you get started faster, and keep track of your progress better. Our approach is carefully choreographed—we'll introduce the right vocabulary and grammar at just the right time to help your new skills stick.

You're not like anyone else. And you learn differently, too.

That's why our adaptive learning algorithm suggests new activities specifically selected to optimize your learning experience. And it encourages you to revisit language content you've already covered at just the right time to help you retain what you've learned.

How do you know you're learning if you don't know whether you're getting it right? Ask the other guys.

That's because we believe your success depends on knowing exactly how you're doing. Our enhanced speech prompts are designed to help your timing. Proprietary speech recognition technology compares your pronunciation to millions of native speaker samples. (100x per second!) In an instant, you get feedback that tells you whether you've gotten it right—or need to try again.

It's sort of like having an automated tutor listening to every lesson. And you won't find technology this sophisticated in any other language-learning program.

A unique community that makes learning a social event.

Languages are made to be shared. That's why we introduce you to other learners and native speakers.

When you learn a new language the Rosetta Stone way, you're never alone. Engage with the more than 16 million language lovers in our online community. Practice in live tutoring sessions with native speakers. Or face off with other learners in our dynamic games and activities. You can never have enough partners in conversation.

Your success shouldn't be a secret.

That's why we've introduced social sharing. Now, you can brag about your new language learning skills on Facebook.

A learning environment that goes wherever you do.

Life doesn't stop for language learning. Our method is flexible enough to keep up with yours.

Whether you have a little time or a lot. Whether you want to be here or there. Rosetta Stone offers a learning experience that keeps pace with you and your conversational goals. Get started on your desktop or laptop. Stay connected to your new language on your tablet or smartphone. (And even if you don't have an internet connection.) Rosetta Stone is the multi-device language-learning platform that's as on-call, online, or on the fly as you are.