Inspire students through language learning

Inspire students through language learning

Whatever inspires students to learn a language, Rosetta Stone personalizes the experience. That’s good news for English and world language students excited about learning—in your classroom and beyond.

 ESL/Foreign Language Manager, Cincinnati Public Schools logo

“We wanted ELLs to learn English, and also to help English speakers to learn another language in order to break down barriers between families.”

ESL/Foreign Language Manager, Cincinnati Public Schools

Pursue equity

Rosetta Stone English for Education aligns with initiatives designed to give every student equal access to effective learning tools for academic success—including language resources for teachers and families.

 Assistant Superintendent, Bullitt County Public Schools logo

“I believe that without the Rosetta Stone solution we would not have seen success with our EL students.”

Assistant Superintendent, Bullitt County Public Schools

Create opportunity

Create opportunity

No matter how students become globally aware, the most useful next step is for them to learn a world language. Choosing a Rosetta Stone program helps students go as far as their global interests take them.

World Language Liaison, Pueblo City Schools logo

“Kids are technologically driven, so they love using the program.”

World Language Liaison, Pueblo City Schools

Support communities

It’s critical that English Learners stay on track. Rosetta Stone® English for Education enables families to be involved in their student’s English language learning, putting academic success within closer reach.

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“Parents, families, educators, and communities—there’s no better partnership to assure that all students have the support and resources they need to succeed in school and life.”

NEA Past President

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Every resource you need is at your fingertips

Dynamic Immersion. icon
Dynamic Immersion.
Activate learning with self-paced lessons and activities in the new language that surrounds students as they learn to speak, read, write, listen, and think in a whole new way.
TruAccent. icon
Immediate pronunciation feedback guides students to speak the new language correctly, making learning instantly rewarding and building the foundation for greater speaking confidence.
Live Tutoring. icon
Live Tutoring.
Structured exercises and conversations with native speakers align with the student’s current proficiency level and help them to become comfortable speaking their new language.
24 languages. icon
24 languages.
Integrate English and world languages into any language program to develop and refine language skills for students at every learner level from beginner to advanced.
Family connection resources icon
Family connection resources
English for Education includes weekly resources to help families develop English skills together and monthly webinars in Spanish highlighting family support for ELs.
Classroom builders icon
Classroom builders
Offline Teacher Guides, Workbooks, and Classroom Activity Guides provide teachers with resources that support in-class instruction and complement online lessons.
Testing icon
English for Education includes a placement and progress test for grades 6-12 to allow teachers to determine the English language learning starting point for each student.
Foundational and advanced content. icon
Foundational and advanced content.
Beginner lessons focus on everyday topics while advanced lessons range from culture and history to industry-specific topics with in-depth sector content.
Games and activities. icon
Games and activities.
Reinforce vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation in engaging activities that develop reading, listening, and speaking skills.
Reading and writing.  icon
Reading and writing.
Digital learning has activities for every learner level including Reading Aloud with speech feedback, writing for specific purposes, and listening and reading comprehension.
Mobile apps. icon
Mobile apps.
Allows employees to use smartphones and tablets anytime, anywhere for on-the-go access to lessons and activities that increase retention of skills and vocabulary.
Reporting tools. icon
Reporting tools.
Integrated reporting of individual, group, and location performance, with usage progress and proficiency tracking that enables administrators to align training with business goals.
Transferable licenses.  icon
Transferable licenses.
Simplified license management allows managers and administrators to quickly reassign and onboard employees and contributes to a stronger ROI.
Implementation support.  icon
Implementation support.
Our team incorporates language-learning goals into effective models and assists in planning, deploying, and promoting the program throughout an organisation.
Training services. icon
Training services.
Levels of administrator training are available to assist with a successful program launch, one that will have employees starting to learn and speak their new language quickly.

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