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Rosetta Stone online learning can have your students speaking English or a world language right from the start. That way, they’ll be ready to speak for themselves anywhere their new language takes them.

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Make learning personal
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Make learning personal

Our Dynamic Immersion® method allows for different learning styles and lets students advance at their own pace. Each lesson prepares learners for the next, helping them to feel at ease as they progress.

“We see those students who follow the Rosetta Stone® program become motivated and confident, more willing to participate in classroom activities, and acquire vocabulary at a much faster rate.” --ELL Teacher, Phoenix Union High School District

Overcome speaking shyness

Overcome speaking shyness

Speaking in a new language may sound funny at first. Making a mistake can even make English Learners too shy to speak at all. Our TruAccent™ speech recognition helps guide pronunciation, without judging.

“English Learners are on the rise. EL students are the fastest growing school-age population in the United States and are projected to account for 25 percent of enrollment by 2025.”

Keep conversations real

Keep conversations real

Prepare students to talk in class. Our Live Tutoring sessions give learners conversational practice, at their own level, with native speakers. Building world language skills in our safe space is a smart way to learn.

"Rosetta Stone has helped deliver on our mission in making a difference, one student at a time, through flexibility and personalized study the program provides." --- Assistant Superintendent, Raleigh County Schools

Let students learn anywhere

Classrooms are still education central. Using our mobile app, students can also access language lessons and activities whenever the time is right. That way, any moment can become a teachable one.

“We’ve found that the pronunciation is so much better after a semester of Rosetta Stone than after in-person instruction. There just isn’t enough time for each student to practice speaking in a classroom.” --Lead Teacher, Guthrie Virtual Schools

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Online or off, our award-winning app speaks for itself
Online or off, our award-winning app speaks for itself
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Rated☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆★ ★ ★ ★ ★in the App Store.
24 Languages icon
24 Languages
English and World Languages to match student goals.
Self-paced Immersion icon
Self-paced Immersion
Surrounding students with one language speeds up learning.
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Games and Activities
Students have fun reinforcing lessons they’ve learned.
TruAccent™ Speech Recognition icon
TruAccent™ Speech Recognition
It’s the pronunciation helper any student can use.
Live Tutoring icon
Live Tutoring
Offered in a safe, online space at each student’s level.
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Mobile App
Puts learning access in each student’s hand.
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Rated☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆★ ★ ★ ★ ★in the App Store.

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