Where will language take your students?

Language connects us all, laying the groundwork for learning and growth. For an increasingly diverse student population, language can also be the key to achievement, in school and beyond.
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Promoting the power of bilingualism

As communities diversify and global connections increase, the need for K–12 students to develop language skills grows. Compared to children who speak only one language, bilingual students benefit from better working memories, greater mental flexibility, and the ability to more easily grasp abstract concepts.

Addressing individual needs for language learning

Every student is different. That’s why our programs personalize language learning through the Adaptive Blended Learning Model, while incorporating scaffolded instruction and Speech Recognition Engine technology. Individualized learning paths empower students to take ownership of their own language development.

Advancing proficiency with immediate feedback

Speaking with purposeful repetition and listening practice is a key attribute of our solutions, and the embedded Speech Recognition Engine provides immediate feedback. Our TruAccent™ speech recognition helps guide pronunciation, without judging, while educators can monitor student progress.

Culturally respectful for more inclusive classrooms

We support, engage, and encourage students throughout their learning journeys by using pedagogies that respect a diversity of cultures and languages. Our programs and lessons are designed to celebrate student achievement every step of the way.

Improving student outcomes for greater academic achievement

We empower educators to enhance academic outcomes with programs aligned with multiple language proficiency standards. And we combine language learning with subject knowledge to support career readiness, while helping administrators meet district and state goals.

Opportunities for learning anywhere, anytime

Students can learn anywhere. Our language learning solutions enable both students and educators to access language lessons and activities virtually. That way, any moment can become a teachable one.
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