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Ready to dive in?

From lesson one, the language you're learning is the
only one you'll hear and use.

If you want to learn to swim, you need to get in the water.
It's the same with learning to speak another language. Without your native language for help, you'll learn actively - which makes you more successful.

So how does it work?

Interactive immersion creates a
language-learning experience you won't forget.

We introduce new words and concepts in a carefully designed
sequence that accelerates your language-learning process.

As you progress, you'll use the words and phrases you've
learned to understand new vocabulary that's introduced.

Our technology-based approach recreates the immersion method,
allowing you to learn a new language effectively.

On your own.

At a fraction of the cost of individual
classroom instruction.


What's the secret to success?

Instead of memorizing rules, you'll discover patterns
Rather than allowing you to rely on repetition
and parroting, our sequence leads you to arrive
at the right answers intuitively.

Learning actively helps you retain your new language
skills. And before you know it, you'll be thinking in your
new language-instead of just speaking it.

How does it all measure up?

Instant feedback and guidance are built in to keep you on track

Can it really keep up?

Learn on your schedule.
At your pace. Even on the go.

Learn and practice on the go-or sync and track
your progress across multiple devices. Our available
mobile apps for iPad®, iPhone® and Android™
tablets and smartphones make it easy.

  • Need more practice?

    Go live with Live Tutoring™ live coaches.
    Live Tutoring

    Live Tutoring™ introduces you to real conversation in
    online sessions with language coaches who are native
    speakers. Supercharge your learning and experience
    everything communicating live has to offer.

  • Want to have some fun?

    Here learning feels like playing.
    Games & Activities

    Games & Activities™ is a lively online community where ramping up
    your language skills looks a lot like playing games. Reinforce what
    you've learned by having a live online chat, or facing off against
    new friends around the world. Chances are, you'll be having so
    much fun, you won't realize how much you're improving.

Is it really that effective?

Millions of satisfied learners can't be wrong.
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& millions of learners worldwide.