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TOTALe Studio™ HD




As part of its integrated immersion language-learning solution, Rosetta Stone offers the unique opportunity to participate in live, online Rosetta Studio tutorial sessions led by a Studio Coach who is a native speaker of the language.


TOTALe Studio HD traces its roots back to October 2008 (a year and a half before the iPad was released) when beta testing began on Rosetta Studio sessions. The Rosetta Studio web-based app went live in 2009 (one year pre-iPad release) as part of Rosetta Stone TOTALe, and it became clear that this was an integral piece to the learning solution—driving deeper usage in the product and enhancing the learning solution.


In March of 2012, after three months of development, Rosetta Stone took this fun, interactive experience mobile by introducing the TOTALe Studio HD iPad application.


The TOTALe Studio HD iPad app provides a connected platform for users to engage in both digital content and real-life, real-time interaction with other individuals. The interface enables tutors to directly help participants and keep them moving toward greater language proficiency. Today's active consumer gets an app that fits their lifestyle, since they can access scheduled sessions on the go.


From the beginning, the development team wanted the Rosetta Studio product to provide a comfortable space for learners and Studio Coaches to practice aloud with each other and engage in the content. With the TOTALe Studio HD app, Rosetta Stone extends this objective to a new realm by enabling users to physically "get comfortable" when settling down for a Studio session. The app frees language learners from their desktop computers and laptops, while still fully connecting them to a live tutoring experience from the comfort of their favorite spot–whether it is the couch, a local park, or the beach.




The Rosetta Stone team designed the TOTALe Studio HD app to connect language learners to their scheduled Studio sessions anytime, anywhere that high-speed Internet is available. With the app, learners can sharpen their skills through live sessions led by tutors in a digital, interactive, conversation-based experience.


The development team worked with Studio Coaches and beta participants to come up with a simple and clean layout that provides minimal distractions to language learners. They kept the design focus on participant involvement and interaction. Learners and Studio Coaches both feel able to express themselves easily, and even though it's a learning experience, personalities shine through, and everyone involved has a great time.


In addition to the focus on user experience, the team also made technological strides. In a first for Rosetta Stone, the team used technology from Adobe Systems to take the Adobe Flash-based Rosetta Studio application from the online TOTALe environment and convert it to an iPad application. This has expedited the process of releasing improvements to both the online web application and the iPad application, a perk that has benefited mobile learners and allowed for five updates in Apple's application store since launch.




As a result of the TOTALe Studio HD launch, consumers are now exposed to a brand new way of learning that is not only the first of its kind, but also a one-of-a-kind experience that was previously lacking within the mobile arena.


In a mobile mainstream world, where we now have nearly as many cell phone subscriptions as inhabitants(1), having the flexibility to do the activities you want on-the-go has become a necessity. Since its launch in March 2012, Rosetta Stone's TOTALe Studio HD iPad App has been downloaded by 190,000 users and is being used as the ideal supplement to the core Rosetta Stone software and their fast-paced, on-the-go lives.


Furthermore, surveys and user data have shows that learners who participate in Studio sessions are more likely to continue learning with Rosetta Stone and are more likely to progress in their journey towards learning a new language. The convenience of the Studio HD app makes it easier than ever for Rosetta Stone users to stay committed to their studio sessions, and in turn, their overall language learning curricula.


Rosetta Stone's Studio HD iPad App has dramatically altered the way people learn with Rosetta Stone, and thus, has extended the efficacy of the proven learning experience that the system guarantees.

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