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We love it when people speak up. Here, you can read reviews from people who have used Rosetta Stone firsthand.

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Read Rosetta Stone reviews from real customers.

One glance at reviews of Rosetta Stone, and you’ll see we pride ourselves on our ability to help language learners thrive in real-world conversations. With dynamic, immersive bite-sized lessons and an award-winning mobile app, you can learn anytime and anywhere with language that never leaves your side.

However, rather than monopolizing the conversation with our accolades, we’ll do what Rosetta Stone does best—encourage our customers to speak for themselves.

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Watch Rosetta Stone empower life-changing decisions, compassionate service, purposeful exploration, and much more in the lives of real language learners.

What our partners say.

Alex Outhwaite is a travel TV presenter and blogger. When she's not globetrotting for her shows, she's creating travel videos for YouTube.

Rosetta Stone is a name that I’ve known for a long time. They have a proven track record of helping people achieve their language goals. I’ve been doing the course for getting on a year and I’m really enjoying using the app. Best of all, I’ve actually stuck to it. I’ve tried to do Spanish courses at home before, but I’ve never seen it through. There’s something about the Rosetta Stone that makes you want to continue learning.
- Alex Outhwaite

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How about some inspiration from the Rosetta Stone blog?

There are countless reasons why people learn new languages. Have you thought of why you should learn another language? Or even wondered where to start when starting a new language?  Or simply wonder just how long will it take to get conversational? All we can promise is that the longer you wait the longer it’ll take. So, consider setting a language-learning goal. Whether you practice for a day, a month or years, having a language goal–and a weekly routine to hold yourself accountable– goes a long way when learning to speak a new language well. Whether your reason for speaking a new language is a simple as traveling somewhere new or deeper than wanting to feel how your heritage sounds coming off your own lips, Rosetta Stone is committed to helping you confidently speak another language for yourself.

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I love Rosetta Stone's software, and I think the approach to learning languages works. Macworld review
With its excellent user interface, clear instructions, wide variety of games and challenges...Rosetta Stone has got it going on. Techcrunch review
The gold standard of computer-based language learning CNN review