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Better Staff Spanish Skills
Enhance Patient Communications

Staff language training that highlights patient-centered communication with Spanish-speaking patients and their families helps improve healthcare outcomes and avoid conversational breakdowns that otherwise may occur in clinical settings.

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Staff Language Abilities Impact Care and Costs

The US Hispanic population is estimated to exceed 59 million persons by 2020, highlighting the critical need for qualified bilingual staff. Scalable online language training provides universal access and fits employees’ rotating schedules by being available on demand.

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Personalized Training Helps Improve Patient Outcomes

The Affordable Care Act will potentially provide coverage options for more than 10 million previously uninsured Hispanics. Clear and accurate healthcare communication is possible when staff has access to personalized language-learning paths that support many medical practice areas.

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Cultural Context Strengthens Language Training

Healthcare communications training should include more than just medical terminology. Lessons that address patient-centered communication strategies and offer insight into the cultural context of serving Hispanic patients are equally critical.

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Bolster Compliance With Language Training

Highly regulated hospitals and medical practitioners are challenged to overcome language barriers that impact patients. Ensure that Hispanic patients receive the support they need by including staff language training in your learning and development program.

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Build Staff Communications Confidence

Learn how our Rosetta Stone® Advanced Spanish for Healthcare solution helps providers overcome communications breakdowns in order to improve patient outcomes.

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