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Increase Language Skills to
Communicate with Your Constituents

Language training provides public sector employees with the communication skills needed to work with the public, and provide services to the community at home and abroad.

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Build Trust and Goodwill Through Community Engagement

As the communities your organization serves become more culturally and linguistically diverse, it is essential to provide service and support in languages that people can understand.

Promote Workforce Development with Language

With demographic shifts, many communities face a growing need for adult English as a Second Language programs. Rosetta Stone can help you build an ESL program to meet this need.

Build Stronger Workforces Through Enhanced Productivity and Collaboration

Non-native English speakers may have the skills and experience for jobs, but they don't always have the language skills. Language training can turn your globally dispersed and multicultural workforce into a powerful, effective team.

Enhance Mission-Critical Productivity

When disaster strikes or needs arise for you to have boots on the ground immediately, send representatives ready and able to communicate with the people they'll be serving.

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