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Customer Success Stories
for Public Sector

More than 9,000 public sector organizations and millions of learners in 150 different countries have used Rosetta Stone® solutions to overcome challenges associated with language and communication barriers. Please read through the customer stories below to learn how these leading organizations use language training to become more effective and successful.

Metropolitan Police Service (MPS)

The MPS sought a centralized language-training program to empower frontline officers with language skills they need to work within London's multilingual and multicultural neighborhoods. After exploring a number of ways to teach languages to their staff the MPS determined that a combination of tutor-led and self-study in a blended environment was their preference.

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New York State State Department of Correction

The New York State Department of Corrections is one of the largest prison systems in the United States. Approximately seven percent of inmates in the state's correctional system are listed as having a limited proficiency in English. DOCS recognized that in order for inmates to live successful and crime-free lives, they need to be equipped with the necessary language tools.

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United Nations Staff Union ICTY

ICTY discovered that the face-to-face tutorials available to their members were an expensive and limited solution. In order to promote the interests of its members, the union sought a language-learning tool that would assist members in their internationally mobile roles and fit with their working hours.

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"The thing that took us in the direction of Rosetta Stone was the online availability and the number of languages offered. That and the fact that from day one we were listened to by an account manager who wanted to make this work for our organization."

- Rick Cottam, Former President, United Nations Staff Union ICTY

U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA)

USSA is driven by a vision to be the best in the world, with an emphasis on building character through strong personal values. Staying true to their vision USSA provides educational programs like language training to athletes and coaches. These programs ensure USSA athletes can communicate with competitors from around the world during events like the Olympics and FIS World Championships.

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"Everyone at the USSA is thrilled to have the opportunity to begin learning various languages that will be extremely useful for our travel and use at international competitions. "

- Luke Bodensteiner, Vice President of Athletics

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