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Rosetta Stone®
Advanced Spanish for Healthcare

A scalable language-learning solution designed for intermediate, advanced, and heritage Spanish-speaking healthcare professionals to enhance patient-centered communication skills across a range of medical practice areas.

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Advanced Spanish for Healthcare Preview

Learn how the self-paced Rosetta Stone Advanced Spanish for Healthcare solution helps healthcare professionals overcome communications challenges in clinical settings in order to improve healthcare outcomes.

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Language Training Builds Patient-Staff Confidence

Advanced Spanish for Healthcare assists staff in improving their professional and medical language skills.

  • Learners choose personalized learning paths to determine what area of practice to focus on next
  • Comprehensive instruction improves professional skills by addressing body systems, illnesses and ailments, and treatments and procedures
  • Patient-centered communication strategies support culturally appropriate care
  • Proprietary speech recognition builds learners’ speaking confidence
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Conversational Videos Engage and Teach

Video content developed by language and medical subject matter experts demonstrates common cultural and linguistic challenges.

  • Contextualized vocabulary increases relevance
  • Introduces grammar structures in use
  • Presents mini story-lines to engage learners

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Benefit Patients and Staff

Reading Aloud Develops Oral Fluency

Learners review and practice medical content that reflects what a provider would read or speak aloud to a patient.

  • Improves learners’ pronunciation and fluency
  • Presents medical language in authentic context
  • Reinforces application of grammar structures

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Vocabulary Activities Encourage Personalized Feedback

Visual representations combined with detailed definitions and example sentences in Spanish and English support learners’ vocabulary acquisition. Learners receive constructive instant feedback in a variety of activities that address what they have learned.

  • Patient-centered communication strategies
  • Sight translation and consecutive interpretation
  • Multiple choice, fill in the blank, matching, and ordering

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Assessments Measure Learner Progress

Advanced Spanish for Healthcare includes pre-assessment, in-course progress, and post-assessment tests. These tests ensure targeted learning throughout the program.

  • Pre-assessment: Measuring learners’ language proficiency
  • In-course progress: Self-test at each lesson’s end
  • Post-assessment: Generate a progress report for administrators

Administrator Tools Maximize ROI and Learning Outcomes

Reporting and management tools allow program administrators to measure and maximize the return on their language-learning investment.

  • Track usage and learner progress at individual, unit, or group levels using real-time, dynamic reports
  • Understand how learners are progressing
  • Manage your program’s learners and licenses

Training, Implementation, and Support Services Ensure Success

Rosetta Stone partners with you every step of the way, providing expertise, services, and resources to promote successful deployment of your language-learning program.

  • Incorporate your program’s language-learning goals into effective implementation models
  • Plan, deploy, and promote the program within your organization
  • Prepare and motivate your learners
  • Integrate Rosetta Stone products into your technical infrastructure

Improve Communication

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