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Taking a Test

You are in a Test. Depending on the Test, you may be prompted by spoken words, written text, and/or one or more pictures. Taking a Test is similar to doing an Exercise: The prompt is always at the top of the screen and the responses are always at the bottom.

If you have selected the Timer or Delay features, one or both of the Timer and Delay icons will appear in the control panel.
The Timer is represented by a clock icon and requires you to select a correct answer within a designated time.
The Delay feature is represented by a blindfolded head icon. This feature removes the prompt in any screen before presenting the four possible answers.
The Timer and Delay features are activated and set in the Activity Selection Screen.

Respond to the prompt by clicking on one of the four rectangles that contain the responses. Unlike an Exercise, you only get one chance to select the correct answer. When you answer, correctly or incorrectly, the choices will be randomly shuffled and you will receive the next prompt.

When you have answered all four prompts, the next screen will be displayed. You must answer all 10 screens (all 40 questions) to complete the Test. You may not jump to the Preview or move forward or backward through a Test. When you complete the Test, if you are logged in, your score will be saved in your User Profile.