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Settings Panel

At the top of the Settings Panel is the "Identity" section. If the display says "Not logged in", you can press the "Login" button to create a user account, or log in under an existing one. Creating a user account is not required, but allows your personal preferences and test results to be saved under your name.

In the "User Interface Language" section, you can change the language in which the interface will appear with the popup menu. You can also enable or disable Tooltips.

In the "Window Options" section, you can toggle between Full Screen mode and Window mode. Whenever an HTML page is launched in your browser, this will change to Window mode. This section will not be visible if you are running the Rosetta Stone Online in your browser (using Shockwave).

The Volume slider allows you to change the sound volume in the Rosetta Stone. Note that this does not change the system volume; if the sound is too quiet when Volume is set to 10, you will need to increase your system volume setting.

Feedback Sounds and Icons allows you to change what you see and hear when you give a response in an Exercise or a Test. The Checkmark and Smiley Face buttons allow you to choose which Feedback icons will appear. The buttons at the top, labeled [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [?], and [--], will change the Feedback sound for correct answers, and the buttons on the bottom change the Feedback sound for incorrect answers. If you choose [?], one of the 6 Feedback sounds will be played at random. If you choose [--], no Feedback sound will be played.