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The Preview is a reference tool that allows you to explore the material in a Lesson without responding. You can also switch to the Preview from an Exercise to look up answers and then return to the Exercise. You can always access Voice Recording in the Preview.

To hear words or play video clips, move your cursor onto the square button in the middle of the screen.
Speaker buttons will appear over each of the pictures. To hear all four phrases or play all the videos, click on the center square button. To hear just one phrase or to see one video, click on the speaker button over that picture.

The three buttons at the bottom of the Control Panel allow you to show/hide text or pictures, and record your voice.
To turn text on and off, click on the "text" button.
To turn pictures on and off, click on the "picture" button.
To display or hide the Record Controls, click on the "microphone" button at the bottom of the Control Panel.

To hear the native speaker's recorded voice, click on the square button in the center of the pictures to hear all four phrases, or click on any individual Speaker button to hear just one phrase.

To record and play back your voice, click on the Microphone button in the Record Controls. It will light to indicate that the computer is recording. You do not need to hold down the mouse button. Speak into the microphone attached to your computer. After you finish speaking, the program will play your recorded voice automatically. To hear your recording again, click on the Speaker button in the Record Controls.

You can move forward or back within the Lesson by clicking on the Forward and Back buttons.

To switch to an Exercise, click on the "screen" icon on the top half of the Exercise/Preview Toggle Switch.
If you want to return to the Preview from the Exercise, click on the "magnifying glass" icon on the bottom half of the Toggle Switch.