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Exercise Screen

You are in an Exercise screen. Depending on the Exercise, you may be prompted by spoken words, written text, and/or one or more pictures. The prompt is always at the top of the screen, and the four responses are always at the bottom.

Respond to the prompt by clicking on one of the four rectangles that contain the responses. To try again, click on a different choice. When you answer correctly, the choices will be randomly shuffled and you will receive the next prompt. When you have answered all four prompts correctly, the next page will be displayed.

You can go to Preview mode to look up an answer with the Exercise/Preview Toggle Switch.
The magnifying glass in the bottom half of the Toggle Switch takes you to Preview mode.
To return to the Exercise, click the "screen" icon on the top half of the Toggle Switch.

You can also move forward or back within the Lesson, without answering, by clicking on the Forward and Back buttons.