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Tile Dictation

In this exercise, you are presented with an array of words, which you must selectively organize to form your answer.

At the top of the screen is a large picture (the "Challenge Picture"), with 4 small pictures to the left of it (the "Mini-Quad"). To change the Challenge Picture, click on one of the pictures in the Mini-Quad.

Below the Challenge Picture is a box containing several "Word Tiles". The Word Tiles are used to build the spoken phrase associated with the Challenge Picture.
When you place your cursor over a Word Tile, it will highlight. You can click or drag Word Tiles to move them to and from the Answer field.

Below the Tile box is the Answer field. This is where you construct your answer. If you drag a Word Tile over the Answer field, an insertion point will appear, indicating where the Word Tile will be placed when you release the mouse button. If you simply click on a tile, it will be placed at the end of your answer.

After a Word Tile is in the Answer field, you can click on it or drag it out of the Answer field to remove it. You can also drag it to a different location in the Answer field.

When you are satisfied with the layout of the Word Tiles in the Answer field, click on the Check button to check your work. If the Word Tiles are not arranged correctly, the first incorrect tile will be highlighted.
If you cannot figure out how to arrange the Word Tiles correctly, and would like to go on to the next challenge, click on the Give Up button. Your answer will be marked as incorrect, and you will continue to the next prompt.