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Typing Exercise

In this Exercise, you will hear the native speaker's recorded voice, and type what you hear with your keyboard.

At the top of the screen is a large picture (the "Challenge Picture"), with 4 small pictures to the left of it (the "Mini-Quad"). To change the Challenge Picture, click on one of the pictures in the Mini-Quad.

Below the Challenge picture is the Answer field. This is a text entry field where you will be typing your answer.

Below the Answer field is the on-screen keyboard. You can type with this keyboard using your mouse.
To type a character, click on a gray key with a character on it.
To type upper case letters, hold the Shift key on your keyboard, or click on the "Caps Lock" key on the on-screen keyboard (located directly above the Shift key). To return to typing in lower case, click on the "Caps Lock" key again.
In some Languages, there will be pink "modifier" keys. Clicking or typing one of these will allow you to type accented characters.
After typing a modifier key, the keyboard mapping will change, and you can type a different set of characters. After typing one character, the keyboard will return to normal.
To cancel typing a modified character, click or type any blank gray key on the keyboard.

When you use the Rosetta Stone, make sure that your keyboard is set to English (US) mode. In some Languages, your keyboard will be automatically remapped to emulate the layout of keyboards that were designed specifically for that language, and for this to work properly, your keyboard must be in English (US) mode.

There is a control panel on the right side of the Answer field:
When you are satisfied with the typed phrase, click on the Check button to check your work. If you typed the phrase correctly, you will continue to the next prompt. If you made a mistake, the first incorrect character will be highlighted.
If you cannot figure out how to type the phrase correctly, click on the Give Up button. Your answer will be marked as incorrect, and you will continue to the next prompt.
In "Easy" mode, capitalization is not checked for mistakes. You can use any mix of upper and lower case letters, and your answer will still be accepted.
In "Strict" mode, you must enter the phrase with exactly the same capitalization as seen in Preview mode.