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Lesson Screen

On this screen, you select a Language, Unit, and Lesson to study. On the left is a list of all available Languages. Languages to which you have a license appear at the top of the list in a different color.

After you select a Language, a grid of numbers appears on the right. This is where you select the Unit and Lesson of the selected Language.

Each row of the grid represents a Unit. Each Unit has 10 to 12 Lessons. For example, to select Lesson 5 of Unit 3, click on the 5 in the third row from the top. The number of Units may differ depending on the Language you selected.

Directly to the left of the Lesson grid is a column of Unit numbers. To view descriptions of the Lessons in their native language, click on a number in the Unit column.

There is a row of buttons at the bottom of the screen (some of which may not currently be visible):
This is the Bail Out button. Press it at any time in the program to return to the previous screen. You can also immediately quit the program by holding down the Shift key when you press it.
This button will open the License panel, where you can install or remove your license. Pressing it again will close the License panel.
This button will open the Settings panel, where you can log in or out, change the interface language, sound volume, feedback sounds, and other preferences. Pressing it again will close the Settings panel.
This button displays contextual help text. Press it at any time to see an explanation of the screen you are looking at.
If you are logged in when you take a Test, your score is recorded. This button displays the results of all Tests you have taken, and allows you to save the results to your hard disk.

At the top of the screen is a horizontal bar with a few links, such as "Quick Start". Clicking on any of these links will open a web page in your default browser.