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Activity Selection Screen

This is the Activity Selection Screen. Any Lesson can be studied in several ways for practice in different language skills. On this screen, you choose which skill you want to work on, and in what way.

The left side of the Activity Selection Screen offers a choice of five different Language Skills. From top to bottom they are:
Listening & Reading (A)
Listening (B)
Reading (C)
Speaking (D)
Writing (E)
Note that the Writing icon will be grayed out if Writing Activities are not available for the Language you are studying.

To select a Language skill, click on its icon. The Activities available for developing and using that Skill are displayed in the large window on the right of the screen. Activities include the Preview, which allows you to explore the material without responding, and fully interactive Exercises and Tests. You may also select the Tutorial by clicking on the Tutorial button. The Tutorial provides a guided sequence of the Preview and Exercise activities for the Lesson and Language Skill you have selected.

To select the Preview or an Exercise, click on its icon.
To select a Test, click on the Test ribbon that corresponds to the Exercise. The ribbon will move to the desired Exercise icon.
Click on the Exercise icon with the Test ribbon to begin the test.
To deselect the Test, click on the vacant box where the test ribbon originally was.

The Timer and Delay features may be applied to Exercises and Tests for Skills A, B, and C.
The Timer requires you to select a correct answer within a designated time. The time limit can be set from one to thirty seconds. The Timer is activated by clicking on the Timer button and then setting the desired time with the arrows beside the icon.
The Delay feature removes the prompt from the screen before presenting the four possible answers. Activate the Delay feature by clicking on the Delay button.

To master the material in the Lesson you have chosen, we recommend that you use at least the Listening (B) and Reading (C) Exercises. When you are satisfied with your Test scores for the different Skills, click on the Bail Out button to return to the Lesson Screen, where you can select the next Lesson to work on.