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1.1 The Rosetta Stone Method

The Rosetta Stone program is designed to teach you a new language the way you learned your first language: by directly associating words—written and spoken—with objects, actions and ideas that convey meaning. The Rosetta Stone uses pictures to establish the meaning of words and phrases so that there is no translation. Grammar, syntax, and vocabulary are taught through real-life examples. You know what a word means because you have associated it with the meaning directly (communicated through pictures) rather than with the same word in your own language. You do not need to depend on translation, lengthy explanations of grammar, or memorization drills. This encourages the development of inherent language skills that equip you to communicate in context.

The Rosetta Stone uses Dynamic Immersion, a method that simulates a real-life immersion experience and relies on your active participation. All Lessons are taught in the target language, quickly developing your ability to understand the spoken and written language. Tasks and activities keep you involved in the learning process. Speaking and Writing Exercises help you develop correct pronunciation and spelling. Different Modes allow you to re-create the pacing of real life conversation. Grammar is taught through usage and patterns throughout the majority of the program; it is taught explicitly in Level 3, in the target language as Narrative Lessons. Throughout the program, new information is presented systematically so that words or grammatical forms are easily identified and understood.

With the Rosetta Stone, you learn more than syntax and vocabulary. While using the program, you develop language-learning strategies that will help you in any context, at any point in language development. Instead of translation and memorization, you learn how to depend on your own skills of pattern-recognition, correlation, deduction, and induction, just as you would in a real conversation. These are strategies you already use, drawing from context to figure out an unfamiliar word, recognizing root words, and inferring meaning even if the grammar is not familiar.

The primary goal of the Rosetta Stone method is two-fold: to help you learn a language quickly, easily, and correctly, and to equip you with the strategies and confidence that will aid your understanding and communication in the real world.

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