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    First, we have you Get Talking…

    Proven Method

    Our language learning program is the result of 20+ years of extensive research. Meticulously crafted by our expert linguists, each of our courses presents information for optimal impact and performance, leading to quick results.

    …Then we help you find your voice.

    TruAccent™ Speech Recognition

    Our TruAccent technology will transform and elevate your speaking ability. Analyzing your speech at a rate of 100 samples per second, TruAccent improves your pronunciation and gets you speaking like a native.

    The Best!

    This product really does work. You don't even realize how much you’re learning because it is so fun!  –Sher

    Our tutors* help you build your confidence…

    Native Tutors

    Our native speaker coaches are experienced educators who will engage you in skill-building conversations and guide you through important lessons. Get the benefits of face-to-face interaction without the commute time.

    The next best thing to living in a country.

    …and perfect your pronunciation


    Stories allows you to practice speaking your new language in a more dynamic, active way. Read and record fun stories and get feedback on your pronunciation from our TruAccent engine. Reading has never been this high–tech!

    We reinforce your lessons…

    Audio Companion

    Never miss an opportunity to learn with downloadable audio lessons you can listen to offline. Hands-free learning you can do anywhere helps reinforce your lessons, keeping your brain active and your memory fresh.

    …and teach you to speak on your feet…


    Always know what to say with easy-to-access greetings, phrases, useful expressions and more— perfect for traveling or for when you’re in a pinch.

    …Using all the relevant content you’ve learned…

    • Unit 1

      Language Basics

    • Unit 2

      Greetings and Introductions

    • Unit 3

      Work and School

    • Unit 4


    • Unit 5


    • Unit 6

      Past & Future

    • Unit 7

      Friends & Social Life

    • Unit 8

      Dining & Vacation

    • Unit 9

      Home & Health

    • Unit 10

      Life & World

    • Unit 11

      Everyday Things

    • Unit 12

      Places & Events

    • Unit 13

      Tourism & Recreation

    • Unit 14

      Professions & Hobbies

    • Unit 15

      At Home & Around Town

    • Unit 16

      Style & Personal Wellness

    • Unit 17

      Business & Industry

    • Unit 18

      Arts & Academics

    • Unit 19

      Emergency Situations

    • Unit 20

      Family & Community

    …Just like millions of others worldwide.

    Excellent Learning Method

    Love the way RS works. It's simple, logical, and builds up language skills in a progressive and effective manner. When used along with all the online tools - particularly the online live sessions, learning becomes a breeze.

    David A

    Watch Delaine’s Story

    When I got here, I realized I needed to speak the language to help out in any sort of way.
    With its excellent user interface, clear instructions, wide variety of games and challenges… Rosetta Stone has got it going on.
    I love Rosetta Stone's software, and I think the approach to learning languages works.
    The gold standard of computer-based language learning.

    Watch Peter’s Story

    Peter has been globetrotting in search of understanding, and personal connections with people from all walks of life.


    I absolutely love Rosetta Stone, there are so many resources and ways to learn any language the success is really up to you. Just make time to do it each day or a a few times a week and you will learn the language!

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