Rosetta Stone® Kids has partnered with Disney to present "it's a Small World":
the animated series.

it's a small world. And for little learners, a new language brings opportunities to build new reading and speaking skills.

Inspired by the original theme park attraction, the series takes kids on a global adventure and introduces them to friends from around the world. Special language learning segments dubbed "Words with Wazoh" accompany the series and are available on Now, we’re extending the language-learning fun with Rosetta Stone Kids® Lingo Letter Sounds mobile app.

Rosetta Stone Kids Lingo Letter Sounds

Rosetta Stone®
Kids Lingo Letter Sounds

is the award-winning app for preschoolers (ages 3-6) that combines English reading with Spanish speaking to help make kids stronger, more confident readers.

It's a great way for kids to practice phonics and reading skills—and it even supports the Common Core standards for Kindergarten.

  • Matching starting letter sounds earns rewards
  • Speaking Spanish with the GoGo Lingos controls the action.
  • Correct answers get funny reactions and big rewards that build confidence.
  • Speech recognition engine provides instant feedback and encouragement.
  • Parents’ Corner highlights skills introduced and how your child is doing.

Your child will love Rosetta Stone KIDS Lingo Letter Sounds because it's fun, easy-to-use, and kid-tested. You’ll love it because it’s designed by the world leader in language-learning technology.