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Languages are meant to be shared, not just studied. Because when people learn to speak the same language, life can change in real and meaningful ways.

In the spirit of our language-learning philosophy, we invite you to follow one man’s journey from #HolaToHavana with Rosetta Stone.

Take the First Step in Your Journey

Why Cuba? Why Now?

The icy relationship between Cuba and the United States has long outlasted the Cold War. And as a result, Cuba’s beautiful places and people have been off-limits to Americans since 1961. But thanks to recent steps to restore diplomatic ties, these treasures won’t remain undiscovered forever. So there’s no better time to embrace conversation — and get an inside look at Cuba for the first time in more than 50 years.

Meet Peter

Adventure traveler. Street food connoisseur. Ambassador of conversation.

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Join Peter Bragiel on a language-learning adventure that starts at home in Los Angeles, and unfolds on the island of Cuba. He’ll begin the conversation in Havana, leave the beaten path—and connect with real people in ways that were impossible just a few months ago. !Vámonos!

and the Journey

Practice Makes

a Great Primer for Big

Only 90 miles, a World

Months of Preparation Havana
on the

the Final Chapter Departing

Check back for Peter's updates and follow along on

Peter’s trip has come to an end.
(and so has our travel contest.)

But the Conversation Continues

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