Rethinking the Way We Teach

Educators face growing challenges such as finding effective solutions to balance teacher instruction with online learning. Blended learning is central to the K-12 education conversation, yet depending on local implementations, means something different to many educators. This blended learning forum aims to inform and drive discussions on leveraging technology.

Watch how one school is leveraging blended learning to drive student achievement.

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Classifying K-12 Blended Learning

Classifying K-12 Blended LearningThe use of blended learning to describe programs that leverage face-to-face instruction and technology varies considerably. Read the Innosight Institute’s report on various blended learning models. Read the article

The Flipped Classroom

The Flipped ClassroomConversations about flipping the classroom are increasing as technology’s role in the classroom evolves. Learn more in Wired magazine’s “How Khan Academy Is Changing the Rules of Education.” Read the article

Leveraging Technology to Strengthen Language Skills

Leveraging Technology to Strengthen Language SkillsLearn how an interdistrict magnet school, with limited time and resources, used Rosetta Stone solutions and technology for face-to-face instruction. Read the case study