Build the language skills critical to your employees’ and company’s success.

It is estimated that 70% of the Global 1000 workforce is non-native English speakers. Discover the true impact of English language barriers on your company.

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Make your workforce global-ready.

While globalization has changed the face of business, English remains the predominant language of the global marketplace. How effectively does your organization conduct business in English? Many global businesses struggle to:

  • Overcome language barriers with key clients, suppliers and colleagues
  • Enable collaboration between geographically disparate employees
  • Prepare non-native English speakers for expat-assignments

Conduct business in English with confidence.

Rosetta Stone Advanced English for Business is a comprehensive, scalable solution for increasing the English-language skills of your workforce. The Rosetta Stone Advanced English for Business solution:

  • Builds business-critical English language skills
  • Tailors the learning experience based on each employee’s individual goals
  • Delivers advanced English skills that can be put to use in day-to-day work activities immediately
  • Motivates and engages learners, maximizing utilization and results
  • Empowers administrators to track and report on learner performance

Learner success creates a business advantage.

Discover how we drive learner success in our Advanced English for Business solution. Our unique program offers:

  • A tailored, self-paced e-learning environment where learners choose the business skills they want to learn.
  • One-on-One live sessions with qualified, native-speaking tutors
  • Personalized feedback from English-language experts on writing and speaking activities
  • Immediate feedback through our proprietary speech-recognition technology
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