Get Speaking with Live Lessons

Accelerate your learning with our native-speaking coaches

So, what is it?

One of our coaches will live-stream a lesson, where you can get your feet wet in real-world conversation. Take polls, chat with other learners, and practice pronunciation in your language. Each session is about 15 to 20 minutes.

What will I learn?

Every session aligns with a unit in your Rosetta Stone course. Once you complete that unit, you’ll be able to join the relevant lesson. This way, you’ll have the background needed to review and improve the skills you already learned.

What are the benefits of Live Lessons?

Learning on your own is important, but so is learning with others. Make new friends and practice grammar, vocabulary, and more with Live Lessons, all with the help of an expert language coach.

I'm ready, how do I start my Live Lessons?

Our schedule varies, and we bet yours does too. That's why once you subscribe to Lifetime Plus, you'll see all the Live Lessons led by our awesome coaches coming up that week. Simple as that.