Make a world of difference with Rosetta Stone® Foundations for World Languages

The Rosetta Stone Foundations for World Languages K–12 solution provides a range of language instruction, incorporating speaking, listening, grammar, and writing lessons. The program allows for flexibility and personalized study, enabling students to learn at their own pace.

Meeting a range of diverse language learning needs

Today, more of the world’s population is bilingual than monolingual, and the demand for bilingual workers is rising. Your students need a learning solution that can help them develop speaking and listening skills in a wide range of languages, for greater success in school and beyond.

Immersing students in language so they’re prepared to speak

Rosetta Stone Foundations for World Languages gets students talking from the start, so they’ll be confident and ready to speak for themselves wherever their new language takes them. Learner success is rooted in Foundations’ immersion environment, carefully sequenced activities, and stories that makes learning fun while delivering results.

Creating opportunities for more speaking and listening practice

Students build confidence by practicing their conversational skills under the direction of one of our experienced live tutors, a native speaker of the language being studied. Each session takes place in a real-time group setting with other students for even more opportunities to converse. Students also have access to children’s stories, history, and cultural resources.

Speech Recognition Engine with immediate feedback

Extensive, repetitive speaking and listening practice is a key attribute of the software, and the embedded Speech Recognition Engine provides immediate feedback. Our TruAccent™ speech recognition helps guide pronunciation, without judging, while educators can monitor student progress. 

Provide a world of opportunities

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Trusted for 25+ years by schools nationwide.

“Rosetta Stone English meets my students’ needs by allowing them to practice and get immediate feedback in a safe setting. When students are struggling, the lessons are terrific.”
Mary Doerr, ESL Specialist at Lincoln Elementary, Wenatchee Public Schools, WA
“Students were surprised to see such a diversity of characters they could select. They can relate to the characters, yet it’s interesting to see they are choosing characters of different backgrounds—not just their own.”
Caitlin McHugh, Director of English as a Second Language, Boston Collegiate Charter School, MA
“I would definitely recommend Rosetta Stone English to other educators! We’ve been searching for ways to provide more engaging, targeted lessons to our English learners, and I believe Rosetta Stone English achieves that.”
Courtney Bradley, Culture and Data Coordinator, Soleil Academy, CA

Get the language learning support you need. Connect with us today.

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