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Maximize Funding Sources
for Language Programs

Language programs often go unfunded or are one of the first items reduced in school budgets. Ensuring all students have access to language learning can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be. We can help you maximize resources.

Language Program Funding: Where to Begin

Download this infographic and learn how to identify public and private funding programs for language-learning as part of your overall strategic approach to funding.

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Federal Funding

On average, about 8% of a school district's budget is federally funded. Funds are distributed through formula funding and competitive funding. Formula funding is allocated based on the number of eligible students while competitive funding requires responding to a request for proposal outlining how awarded funding will be used. Rosetta Stone® education solutions are aligned to several federal funding programs.

Download the Fact Sheet

State Funding

The bulk of education funding is provided through state and local funds raised through taxes and other means. State education agencies (SEAs) distribute funds to districts based on formula funding, and in some cases, competitive grants. This information, along with available funding opportunities, can be found at each SEA website.

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Grants from Private or Foundational Funding

Many private entities, philanthropic organizations, and corporate foundations are passionate about education and provide funding to educational causes. Use our Resource Guide to learn more about the advantages of adding private resources to your language program funding mix.

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