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Rosetta Stone Homeschool Reviews

There’s a lot to love with Rosetta Stone for Homeschool. Check out what parents like you are saying about our kid-friendly immersion program and parent tools that set students on the right track toward success.


Customer Reviews

I love the idea of learning a language at home, on your own schedule... Rosetta Stone is so interactive that children are engaged the entire time. This increases the fun factor and makes children want to come back again and again... Perhaps the best aspect of using Rosetta Stone for our language learning curriculum this year is that everyone can use it.

— Cait,

Rosetta Stone works on pronunciation and conversation skills, as well as writing. You get the total package... The program comes with a full lesson plan lined out for each day. My daughter knows what she should be doing each day. There’s no guess work on her part and no planning on mine.

— Marci,

I wanted something that was fairly independent, easy to use (for mom and child) and would most importantly work! I found these things in Rosetta Stone!... Rosetta Stone teaches something that I cannot. A foreign language. It gives my daughter something that I can’t, the gift of being bilingual.

— Misty,

With a quality language program such as Rosetta Stone, the world’s languages are literally at their fingertips!... He has loved this program so much that he’s planning on going onto the Latin, Irish, Swedish, and more!

— Alisha,

After only a few lessons we immediately appreciated the many benefits we couldn’t find with other language learning curriculum... Immediate feedback puts Rosetta Stone ahead of most language learning curriculum you’ll find... It takes all the intimidation out of learning a foreign language.

— Madonna,