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Over 22,000 educational institutions have used Rosetta Stone Solutions to overcome language barriers and positively impact their students. Read our customer stories to learn how best in class organizations use language training to improve communication internally among employees, students and staff.

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Customer Success Stories for K-12

The need to produce global citizens is only increasing, while budgets and resources are shrinking. The following educational clients implemented Rosetta Stone® Language Learning Suite solutions and saw immediate results in their language programs. Learn from their successes to create the changes you need in your school.

Clarksville-Montgomery County School System (CMCSS) Case Study

The Clarksville-Montgomery County School System (CMCSS) needed a comprehensive solution to support the district’s multiple language requirements. With 44 languages spoken in their district, there was a demand for student language proficiency. CMCSS serves many families from the nation’s second largest military base, Fort Campbell. Students from these families have moved locations frequently, including internationally.

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"Rosetta Stone permitted us the opportunity to meet the foreign language needs of a highly mobile and diverse population of students in an interface that the students found quickly engaging.”

- Dr. Kimi Sucharski, District Data Analyst, Accountability Instruction and Curriculum Development, Clarksville-Montgomery County School System

Henry County School District Case Study

Second language proficiency, personalized learning, college and career readiness, and cultural confidence are identified as key skills students in the Henry County School District need to learn. HCS wanted to allow teachers to mix online language learning with classroom instruction in order to increase language students’ communication in their target language. Discover how HCS used Rosetta Stone online language learning to support language classroom instruction in a blended learning environment.

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"In our efforts to personalize learning for students, it is essential to give them access to high quality instruction in a tech-enabled world. Rosetta Stone provides Henry County with the right tools to give kids the language skills to be college, career and life ready.”

- Aaryn Schmuhl, Assistant Superintendent, Henry County Schools

Pueblo City Schools

Pueblo City Schools has integrated a flexible online language-learning solution, powered by Rosetta Stone, in a full service blended learning environment that complements the outstanding face-to-face instruction already being delivered by their teachers.

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"Advantage lets us reach students we could not reach in any other way."

- Debra Cody, World Language Liaison, Pueblo City Schools

Cincinati Public Schools

The third largest district in Ohio, Cincinnati Public Schools features a diverse population that includes speakers of 83 different languages. Addressing this specific challenge was part of the district’s objective when applying for Ohio’s Straight A Fund grant in 2013.

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"It is so powerful to see the smile on a parent’s face when a secretary greets them in their native language.”

- Mireika “Marie” Kobayashi, ESL/Foreign Language Manager, Cincinnati Public Schools

Sydney Catholic Schools

Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) serves more than 70,000 students in 151 schools in New South Wales, Australia. While there is no mandate to teach a second language in primary school, Sydney is a world city where languages other than English are spoken. SCS did not have the capacity to place language teachers in their primary schools, so wanted an enrichment solution that could serve a large number of students with a variety of language interests.

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Combining the program's immersion environment with activities highlighting food, art, and other cultural activities provided students a deeper understanding of all that surrounds a language.

Academy for International Education

The Academy for International Education, Miami-Dade County School District, needed a language-learning program to build bilingualism among all students through focusing on biliteracy in their native language.

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"The Rosetta Stone curriculum provides flexibility in delivering language skills through consistent instruction as well as consistent pedagogy that facilitates language learning. It also allows teacher involvement to reinforce the Rosetta Stone curriculum."

- Vera Hirsh, Principal, Academy for International Education

Baldwin County Public Schools

Baldwin County Public Schools has built a curriculum that includes preparing students for the world of intelligent machines and empowering them to participate in the global community through language acquisition. The district sought a technology-based solution to provide students with the opportunity for long-term language learning.

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"Understanding that technology is leveling the playing field in the world job market, the Rosetta Stone solution has provided students with the tool they need to build the language skills necessary to compete and succeed in an increasingly global community."

- Dr. Alan Lee, District Superintendent, Baldwin County Public Schools

Florida Virtual School

Florida Virtual School implemented e-language learning to complement virtual instruction that focused on conversational Spanish at beginning levels of study. Requiring alignment to standards, they sought a program that would allow them to deliver a credit-bearing Spanish course to online participants.

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"The collaboration of Rosetta Stone and FLVS provides students with an immersion program along with award-winning pedagogy that includes student and teacher interaction on a regular basis, relevant standard-based assessments, and collaborative online lessons."

- Pascale Jones, Curriculum Specialist, World Languages, Florida Virtual School

West Linn-Wilsonville School District

West Linn-Wilsonville School District needed an online language-learning solution to support world language instruction for K-5 that could build core language skills and support blended instruction. They wanted a program that would support interaction and communication both inside and outside the school community.

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"The Rosetta Stone solution allowed our district to offer blended instruction to K–5 students that was scalable, affordable, and personalized for learner needs."

- Dr. Kathy Ludwig, West Linn-Wilsonville School District

KIPP Courage College Prep

KIPP Courage College Prep needed a technology program to support the goal of multilinguism for Grades 5-8. Partnering with Rosetta Stone allowed KIPP to complement classroom instruction to strengthen bilingual skills, provide personalized learning in a motivating and engaging environment, and improve performance on the Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS).

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"Rosetta Stone has allowed us the flexibility to adequately meet the multilingual needs of all of our students."

- Eric M. Schmidt, School Leader, KIPP Courage College Prep

Highland Tech Charter School

Highland Tech Charter School needed a language learning solution that would expand the academic program to allow students the option to acquire high school credit for foreign language study through online delivery.

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"Rosetta Stone has given us the ability to provide a rigorous program for second language acquisition, in multiple languages, in a system that is unable to support on-site World Language Staff."

- Ginger L. Blackmon, EdD Principal, Highland Tech Charter School

Raleigh County Schools

Raleigh County Schools wanted an online language-learning program to expand their world language offering throughout the district. Due to a shortage of qualified personnel for direct instruction, the district looked to leverage technology along with qualified staff to continue offering existing language programs as well as to expand language choice beyond traditional world language offerings.

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"Rosetta Stone has helped deliver on our mission in making a difference, one student at a time through flexibility and personalized study the program provides."

- Kenny Moles, Assistant Superintendent, Raleigh County Schools

Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy

The all male, public high school focused on developing students for leadership and service needed a language-learning program that could blend with classroom instruction, extend learning time beyond the classroom, and build confidence in speaking skills.

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"Our teachers currently utilize a blended-instructional and supplemental-homework model to support student acquisition of the languages. The mastery of Latin and Mandarin this summer during several of our students’ travel to Italy and Taiwan."

- Nakia Douglas, Principal, Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy

Corona-Norco Unified School District

Corona-Norco Unified School District needed an English language solution flexible enough to support a range of learners across the district. The district sought to offer the language program as a supplement to the language development curriculum.

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"The Rosetta Stone program increase oral confidence in learners by providing opportunities to practice listening to their own pronunciation and lowering their affective filter."

- Bertha Barajas, Educational Services, EL Department

Bullitt County Public Schools

Despite seeing a significant spike in the number of English Language Learners (ELLs), Bullitt County Public Schools did not see enough growth to warrant full-time ELL personnel at each school. They sought an effective, scalable program that could advance the skills of ELLs through independent study with a response-to-intervention (RTI) approach.

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"I believe that without the Rosetta Stone solution we would not have seen success with our ELL students during the 2011-12 academic year."

- Greg Schultz, Assistant Superintendent, Student Learning Division

Little Rock School District

Little Rock School District needed a language-learning solution to support a summer program focused on building language proficiency and literacy skills for English Learners (ELs).

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"The Rosetta Stone solution allowed us to provide the perfect opportunity for our learners to experience self-paced language learning and monitoring for success. Additionally, it allowed the integration of technology and capitalized on student interests."

- Dr. Karen Broadnax, Director ESL Program, Little Rock School District

Orange County Public Schools

Orange County Public Schools needed a flexible web-based Adult ESOL solution to offer their career-oriented adult learners. They sought an engaging solution that would extend learning beyond the classroom.

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"The Rosetta Stone solution has provided a complement to teacher instruction to build critical English language skills. The online solution allowed language learning to be extended beyond the walls of the classroom. The Rosetta Stone Management team was instrumental in helping to devise a plan to ensure a smooth implementation process and consistent online usage for students."

- Tiffaney Barnes, Adult ESOL District Specialist, Orange County Public Schools

Sweetwater Union High School District

The Sweetwater Union High School District Division of Adult Education needed a solution that would build required English skills for participants to use in the workforce. The district also wanted a solution that could complement classroom instruction, building confidence to speak English and fine-tuning pronunciation skills.

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"With the addition of Rosetta Stone software to our Distance Learning curriculum, we are able to offer interaction and a quality pronunciation component to our ESL Distance Learning curriculum that we were never able to offer before."

- Crystal Robinsons, Teacher on Special Assignment, EL Civics/Distance Learning/WIA II Sweetwater Union High School, District Division of Adult Education

Napa County Office of Education

The Napa County Office of Education needed a language-learning solution for professional development for school employees to learn Spanish in support of building stronger communication skills with Spanish-speaking students and their families.

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"With Latinos making up nearly 52% of students in the Napa County school, the Napa County Board of Education made a decision to offer the Rosetta Stone language program to all staff countywide."

- Jan Sabo, Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum and Instruction, Napa County Office of Education

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