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Customer Success Stories
for Higher Education

Campuses of all sizes use Rosetta Stone® solutions to build the English and world language skills of their students. See how your peers use our language solutions at their colleges and universities.

Humboldt State University

The Humboldt State University Department of World Language and Cultures was seeking to increase student flexibility and improve motivation and accountability for outside of the classroom learning. HS transitioned away from the conventional language lab as a supplement to its face-to-face classes to an online student-centered solution. Doing so allows the faculty to leverage new technology that works for all language taught and also better serves a new generation of language learners.

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"The adaptive placement test taken at the beginning of the semester and retaken at the end] lets students know where they started and how far they have come in the language acquisition process."

- Russell "Carlos" Gaskell, World Languages and Culture Lab Director

Navarro College

Navarro College needed a language-learning solution for its Adult ESL program that would supplement classroom instruction and help prepare students to take the GED (General Educational Development) Tests in English. Navarro College used a Rosetta Stone® solution for Higher Education to extend language beyond the classroom, enabling students to study at their own pace and enhance their English language skills in preparation for the GED Test.

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"The area of oral skill development is an area that our students have consistently struggled with over the years. This is the one factor that led us to the decision to invest in Rosetta Stone."

- Leslie Hayes, Director of Adult Education

Northern Border University

The Northern Border University (NBU), located in Arar, Saudi Arabia, sought an online language-learning solution to supplement conventional classroom instruction. The university looked for a program that could provide a visual core aid to improve students’ listening and speaking skills. The NBU language-learning vision is to motivate students coming from high school to learn English at anytime and from anywhere. It also helps the native English-speaking teachers to learn Arabic.

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"In this Internet era, English being the global language, students need to master this Language to be confident and to stay competitive in their studies now and later in their profession."

- Dr. Moqbil Salem Alenazi, Dean, Deanship of Preparatory Year & Supportive Studies

College of Western Idaho

The College of Western Idaho (CWI) needed a language-learning solution for adult English as a Second Language (ESL) learners that would provide the critical language skills needed to obtain employment in the local economy. CWI chose a Rosetta Stone® solution for Higher Education because it would enable learners to reinforce language outside of classroom while also building key computer literacy skills.

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"Our focus on community and industry needs is what led CWI to develop Workplace English and digital-technology classes for many non-English-speaking laid-off workers. By breaking down language and technology barriers to employment 35% of participants reentered the workforce."

- Scott Fenwick, Director of Business Partnerships

Liberty University

Liberty University needed a robust language-learning solution to complement the development of conversational language courses. Liberty implemented a Rosetta Stone® solution for Higher Education to develop dynamic a online language courses, providing speech recognition technology to give students instant pronunciation feedback in the absence of face-to-face instruction.

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"After we piloted our conversational language courses, our students took the 'American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages' (ACTFL) Oral Proficiency Interview (OPIc). After just one semester of study, students in the 101 courses scored at the Novice-Mid level or higher on the OPIc."

- Jamaica Conner, Department Chair, College of General Studies

American Public University System

American Public University System (APUS) sought a cloud-based language-learning solution that aligned with its goal of affordable education and academic excellence. APUS used a Rosetta Stone® solution for Higher Education solution to build core language skills in the six languages of study offered. The emphasis during faculty-led sessions was on grammar, culture, and other forums to activate the language learned.

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"A leader in the new breed of fully online universities, APUS is in a constant hunt for innovative, web-based solutions. The university thus logically turned to Rosetta Stone and its cloud-based voice-recognition software."

- Fred Stielow, PhD, MLS, Vice President, Dean of Libraries, Course Materials, e-Press

Berks Technical Institute

Berks Technical Institute (BTI) needed a technology solution to complement classroom instruction for their English Language Foundations (ELF) classes. BTI implemented a blended learning solution with Rosetta Stone® for Higher Education to offer interactive online lessons that would focus on the development of reading and writing skills and, most importantly, increase oral communication skills and build speaking confidence inside and outside the classroom.

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"BTI is committed to students demonstrating true language acquisition. By using Rosetta Stone in the classroom, students are no longer fearful of having conversations in English."

- Isabel Monterrosa, Program Director

Dillard University

Dillard University sought an interactive program to expand its language offering component of the Office of International Students and Study Abroad programs, as well as to meet need for intensive English language programs. Dillard implemented a Rosetta Stone® solution for Higher Education to complement classroom instruction and equip students with the language skills needed to assimilate into the academic program.

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"You have to practice the language and the interactive lessons give students the opportunity to do so outside the classroom."

- Re'Shawn Rayford, Center for Intensive English Language Coordinator

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine (UPSOM) wanted a language-learning solution to build critical communication skills for medical students. UPSOM implemented a Rosetta Stone® solution for Higher Education to provide a flexible solution that could either be used as part of a language program or to support independent study.

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"The Rosetta Stone program provided a flexible solution to build skills to meet the language-learning needs of a wide range of students through an asynchronous, anytime, anywhere platform."

- John F. Mahoney, MD, Associate Dean for Medical Education

Texas A&M University-Commerce

With over 50 different countries represented on campus, Texas A&M University-Commerce needed a solution that would enable full-time faculty and staff to effectively communicate with its diverse student population. Texas A&M University-Commerce implemented a Rosetta Stone® solution for Higher Education to equip full-time faculty and staff with the language skills they needed, while minimizing the cost to the university.

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"Having the ability to offer our faculty and staff an opportunity to develop skills in languages other than English is inspirational and continues to enhance our university's globalization initiatives."

- Heidi Wright, Training and Development Manager

University of Maryland Eastern Shore

University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES) sought a language-learning solution to teach critical-need languages for students and the community at large. UMES implemented a Rosetta Stone® solution for Higher Education to launch a blended program for students to obtain foreign-language credit, where students were required to use the solution to build skills and confidence to speak in their new language.

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"Rosetta Stone has been an integral part of our blended-learning format. We know that it engages our students across all levels, and gives our faculty more options for individualized instruction in the classroom."

- Tammy Gharbi, M.Ed., Program Coordinator

Dodge City Community College

Dodge City Community College (DCCC) sought an online language-learning solution to build English language skills and proficiency for workers employed in various types of businesses and increase these individuals' community engagement. DCCC implemented a Rosetta Stone® solution for Higher Education to expand classroom instruction and include an online component, which would increase digital access to meet the training needs of the community.

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"Rosetta Stone complements the direct instruction of language skills and competencies. Students learn needed skills to advance in the workplace and assimilate into the broader community."

- Greta Clark, Professor of Workplace and Academic Course ESL Training

Fox Valley Technical College

Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC) needed an online language solution to enhance classroom instruction in building critical language skills for learners to use in the workplace and enhance future employment opportunities. FVTC implemented a Rosetta Stone® solution for Higher Education to serve nontraditional students with families, work, and busy lives needing an online solution that was scalable and flexible, allowing learners 24x7 online access to study language.

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"Rosetta Stone technology provided FVTC a unique opportunity to offer language labs online complementing the in-class instruction. Because of its flexible format, many busy professionals, students with two jobs, or busy parents sign up for our program."

- Dr. Marie R. Martin, Director of Global Education & Services

Alamance Community College

Alamance Community College (ACC) sought a software solution that would introduce cutting-edge technology and individualized language learning into their classrooms to bring their foreign language instruction and English as a Second Language (ESL) programs to the next level. ACC used a Rosetta Stone® solution for Higher Education to provide all students the opportunity to become bilingual in Spanish and English, helping these individuals prepare for the real world.

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"It had been almost impossible for teachers to break through thick accents with traditional methods, but the interactive nature of the program, voice capabilities, and mind associations have finally given the students the keys to pronunciation success."

- Kumar Lakhavani, Director of Information Services

Rider University

Rider University sought a technology solution to create innovative programs that could create a competitive advantage and advance the university into the 21st century. Rider implemented a Rosetta Stone® solution for Higher Education university-wide to create a student-centered learning environment, providing an immersive and personalized world language learning experience available to all students, faculty, and staff.

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"Using Rosetta Stone has made it possible for my [teaching] students to communicate with their students. It's a great training tool for the future teachers I'm molding."

- Michael Curran, PhD Professor, School of Education

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