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Rosetta Stone®
Custom Solutions for
Higher Education

Service within the Rosetta Stone® Language Learning Suite to develop language programs customized to your unique campus or classroom needs.

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Content Authoring Services Tailored to Meet Your Needs

Tailor content to specific context and desired learning requirements.

  • Team of expert curriculum designers build your custom language program
  • A proven instructional framework helps achieve learning outcomes
  • Expertise in over 30 languages, teaching millions of learners

Training, Implementation, and Support Services Ensure Success

Rosetta Stone provides the expertise, services, and resources to ensure the successful deployment of your language-learning program. Our team partners with you to:

  • Incorporate your language-learning goals into effective implementation models
  • Plan, deploy, and promote the program in your college or university
  • Prepare and motivate learners
  • Integrate Rosetta Stone solutions into your technical infrastructure

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