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Maximize Higher Education
Language Instruction with Blended Learning

A growing number of college and university students take at least one online class, and the benefits of online learning are well documented. Students have increased flexibility and access to course materials, while faculty can focus classroom time on one-on-one
instruction and collaborative learning activities.

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Online Learning and Language

The number of students enrolled in an online course has quadrupled since 2002. Learn what this means for language instruction options.

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The Transformation of Higher Education

External factors like enrollment, funding, and tuition are combining with technology to challenge higher education like never before. Learn more with this informative, pre-recorded webinar.

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Language Learning Anytime, Anywhere

Mobile applications enrich students' learning even when they're away from the computer.

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The Impact of Blended Learning

Learn the drivers and challenges to implementing blended and virtual learning, as well as the role faculty and administrators play.

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