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Put language learning within every student’s reach

Students create global connections with a swipe on their smartphone. Yet, schools face world language budget constraints. This limits students’ potential academic and career choices, and their worldview. In a global economy, world language skills are a 21st century job requirement.
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Accelerate English language learning.

Many higher education students can pass a standardized English-language proficiency test; however, the language skills required to be successful in academia are often much different. Rosetta Stone language learning solutions help build international students' English confidence and prepare them for success.

Online is students’ home away from home

That’s no surprise. Culture, entertainment, sports, and literature are only a click away. Blending award-winning e-learning into your language curriculum gives students online access to unlimited pronunciation guidance and speaking practice that’s not possible during classroom hours.

Unlimited Live Tutoring gets learners talking

Students, instructors, and staff all want to feel at ease speaking a new language. Moving from language learning to the real world takes practice. With our 1:1 and small group tutoring sessions, learners converse with native speakers. That makes tutoring in our friendly online space a smart way to learn.

Mobile learning, online or off

Class schedules are still the norm for students. But schools are also making it easier to learn away from the classroom. Our mobile app lets your students access lessons and activities whenever the time is right. Giving them the freedom to turn any moment into a teachable one.
24 Languages
English and World Languages to match student goals.
Self-paced Immersion
Surrounding students with one language speeds up learning.
Games and Activities
Students have fun while reinforcing lessons they’ve learned.
TruAccent™ Speech Recognition
It’s the pronunciation helper any student can use.
Live Tutoring
Offered in a safe, online space at each student’s level.
Mobile App
Puts learning access in each student’s hand.
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