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To keep their minds sharp and give you a much needed break, we're offering free access to Rosetta Stone for Students for the next three months.*

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Thank you for social distancing, an essential measure against the spread of COVID-19. We’re right there with you, from our youngest making conference call cameos to our teens announcing mere hours into self-quarantine that they are ready to go back to school.

With free access to Rosetta Stone for Students:

  • They’ll learn through immersion, making their new language accessible whether they are in kindergarten or prepping for college
  • They’ll get instant feedback on their pronunciation
  • You’ll be able to see how they're coming along with progress data and printable reports

Not a Student? Not a problem. Begin a free trial (we won't make you flash a Student ID or anything!)

Spanish (Latin America)

If you have more than one kid, you don't have to choose a favorite. Just start a new form and use a different email address for each subscription you want to claim. Parents, please note that the Rosetta Stone for Students subscription is a personal subscription issued to you for your child's use. The subscription is not associated with your child's school. At the end of the no-cost subscription period, we may contact you to offer the opportunity to continue your child's subscription and progress by purchasing a subscription.

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“We see those Students who follow the Rosetta Stone® program become motivated and confident, more willing to participate in classroom activities, and acquire vocabulary at a much faster rate.” —ELL Teacher,
Phoenix Union High School District

Rosetta Stone has helped deliver on our mission in making a difference, one Student at a time, through flexibility and personalized study the program provides.” —Assistant Superintendent,
Raleigh County Schools

“We’ve found that the pronunciation is so much better after a semester of Rosetta Stone than after in-person instruction. There just isn’t enough time for each Student to practice speaking in a classroom. ——Lead Teacher,
Guthrie Virtual Schools