Effective language solutions for government employees.

Government employees on the federal, state, or local level require an in-depth understanding of the communities they serve—their needs, concerns, cultures, and yes, the languages they speak. Equipping your government employees with effective, online language training can help ensure they are thoughtfully and effectively meeting the needs of the multilingual communities they serve.

Industry-leading assessments.

Take full advantage of our globally-recognized assessment standards (CEFR, CLP, and ILR) to identify your team’s diverse language training needs.

GSA approved.

Rosetta Stone is a GSA-approved vendor serving more than 9,000 public sector organizations across the United States.

Empower speaking success.

Use smart, integrated dashboards to monitor each employee’s progress. Then reinforce every team member’s speaking, listening, writing, and everyday conversation skills with daily lessons from certified language experts.
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