Speak every new client’s language.

There are plenty of barriers that limit consulting firms from expanding into new markets—chief among them is the language barrier. By providing your entire organization with language training you greatly improve the prospects of profitable expansion into new regions.

Collaborate globally.

Your organization may have some of the industry’s brightest consultants, but a lack of language skills may be causing significant work inefficiencies. Improve productivity with a broader multilingual talent pool.

Drive down turnover.

The best and brightest are hard to retain because top talent in the professional consulting industry is on every firm’s radar. Adding language training to your professional development mix can help you differentiate from your competitors and alleviate the strain of turnover costs.

Attract and retain top talent.

Corporations lose millions each year from employee turnover, making it a top organisational challenge. Investing in language training for employees can enhance your retention initiatives by enabling your staff to grow in their careers.
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