Improve job site operations.

Investing in language training can have a huge impact on your construction organization—from reduced safety incidents to lower turnover costs. When your employees understand each other regardless of their native language, your job sites will become safer, more productive, and ultimately more profitable.

Proven language solutions for leading construction organizations.

Reduce risk.

Every job site safety incident is expensive, costing some construction organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars in compliance penalties a year. By equipping your non-English speaking employees with language training, you can reduce safety incidents caused by language barriers.

See your crews’ best work.

Language differences across the modern job site can lead to loss of productivity and detrimental drops in quality—often fueled by poor communication across multiple languages. An investment in language training streamlines communication in a way that engages your employees to do their best work.

Drive down turnover costs.

Investing in employee language training can go a long way to bolster retention initiatives within your organization—reducing turnover costs while making you an industry leader.
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