Making the case for online language training.

It’s time to choose a language training program. Do you go old school with face-to-face instruction or empower your employees to learn online?

Here’s how to make a strong business case for online language training.

Start with cost savings.

Face-to-face training requires additional expenses beyond the cost of a learning module. But when your employees learn a language online, many of those costs vanish.
Consolidate vendors.
Converting your language spend from many local providers to one global platform is a clear cost-saver.
One of the world’s largest consulting companies serves clients in over 100 countries and invests in language training on a global scale. After partnering with Rosetta Stone, the company reduced its vendor network and realized first-year cost savings of more than $500,00.
A global manufacturing leader was able to increase its language offering from 2,000 employees to 77,000 while still saving over $3 million annually by simply switching from an international array of vendors to our single-source solution.

Start with cost savings.

Verifying new candidates’ language proficiency levels can be critical. Now your talent development team can rely on language assessments available with your existing licenses.
A global professional services firm has tested more than 10,000 candidates through online assessments. An alternative was to use an outside language service at a cost of $40 per person. Instead, the company chose the online CEFR-based Rosetta Stone assessment in the program, at no additional cost.

Act sustainably.

Moving away from a dedicated training space achieves another level of cost savings.

Achieve more savings by:

  • Eliminating employee and instructor travel
  • Cutting classroom space and maintenance
  • Replacing printed materials with online lessons
  • Allowing learners to use their personal devices

Know your learners.

Curators of their own experience.

Just as today’s learners curate their own content experiences in their personal lives on social media, they expect the same experience at work.

Employer empowerment helps them thrive.

They want to give and receive feedback on the learning process—how to improve as a learner, and how the organization can help them succeed in their own online learning experiences.

Loyal to organizations that invest in skill development.

Modern employees are also more likely to invest in their careers at organizations invested in their skill development—lowering your own retention spend in the process.
Choose our award-winning enterprise solution.
Flexible. Mobile. Easy to use.
Seamless, immersive learning experiences guide learners from assessment to proficiency employing a proven, unified method on any device.
Online Tutoring from native speakers.
Learn from native speakers 24/7. Employees access tutoring sessions from virtually anywhere in the world to fit their own schedules.
Smart dashboards.
Access an integrated reporting dashboard where you can track and monitor each employee’s learning progress.
Access all our languages.
Choose from 24 languages.
Switch at any time.
The only limit? Hours in the day.
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