Endangered Languages

Endangered Language Program

Across the globe, children in countless cultures are losing the language of their parents and grandparents. As each new generation becomes ever more isolated from its past, its ancestral language slips farther out of reach—endangered and at risk of not surviving. As many as 50 to 90 percent of the world's 6,800 languages may be extinct within this century.

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Rosetta Stone® has partnered with Indigenous groups around the world to help preserve their language assets with Rosetta Stone software specifically designed to revitalize these at-risk languages. To see locations and descriptions of Rosetta Stone Endangered Language projects, click here.

Rosetta Stone is currently working with the Chickasaw Nation to develop a customized program to preserve its citizens' Native language. Learn more about our Chickasaw language software.

For more information on Rosetta Stone custom solutions, please click here.

Endangered Languages

We preserve more than words. Around the world, indigenous communities are working to preserve and revitalize their languages with Rosetta Stone.

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