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The proven learning approach for 1.4 million young readers.

Rosetta Stone has expanded our suite of engaging, interactive homeschool software by adding Rosetta Stone® Reading for Homeschool to our product portfolio.

Rosetta Stone® Reading for Homeschool is a research-proven, technology-based approach that helps homeschool students in grades pre-K to 5 build foundational reading skills.

Designed to meet even the most rigorous state standards, Rosetta Stone Reading for Homeschool accelerates reading skills development, helps ensure homeschoolers meet their year-end performance goals, and provides individual action plans to help you tailor your teaching to each child.

Rosetta Stone Reading for Homeschool helps students develop:

Foundational skills to read confidently and fluently

Listening and reading comprehension with complex text

Academic and domain-specific vocabulary to improve comprehension

Children lead the learning process

Delivered on desktop, browser, or iPad®, Rosetta Stone Reading for Homeschool is a dynamic, interactive curriculum that leads homeschoolers through a structured, sequential path they can explore at their own pace.

  • Each level introduces children to a different area of the world—and new characters from that region.
  • Kids direct the experience by deciding which skills and activities to work on within each level.

Data drives parents' decision-making

Although children set the learning pace, data drives homeschool parents' involvement. As your kids complete activities, you'll receive real-time progress reports. Easy-to-read and -interpret, these data-driven action plans help homeschool parents like you monitor each child's individual progress—and make decisions about how to adjust the intensity of their instruction.

  • Homeschoolers at various levels can work independently; you'll be notified when they need support or intervention.
  • Children who demonstrate proficiency can move beyond their grade level.

Rosetta Stone® Reading for Homeschool is a research-proven way to boost your homeschool's core reading curriculum. It's also an engaging, fun way to push your kids to achieve at every level.
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Rosetta Stone® Reading for Homeschool helps me with my reading a lot. I would recommend it to other kids because they would probably enjoy it just like I do."

– Rob H., a 3rd grade student

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