It’s OK to make
mistakes here.

Stay accountable to your new language and practice with a native speaker. Messing up is part of the fun—our friendly coaches provide useful feedback, tips, and a major confidence boost, so you can learn in a no-judgement, small group atmosphere.

Benefits of Coaching

Learn From a Native Speaker

Get your tricky questions answered

Talk to Other Learners

See Live Coaching in Action

Live Lessons vs. Live Coaching:
What’s the difference?

There are two ways to connect with a Rosetta Stone coach. No matter which option you choose, your session will be led by an expert.

Live Lessons

  • 20-50 users per session
  • Chat and poll functionality
  • Generalized subject matter

Live Coaching (Premium Option)

  • Only 3-6 users per session
  • Use your microphone to practice
  • Content tailored to your Rosetta Stone course

Now get to know some of our coaches.

A former occupational therapist in Switzerland and now enjoying Southern life in Atlanta, Coach Anja has been teaching German at Rosetta Stone since April 2020. When she’s not helping students master the trickier parts of the language (watch out for those gendered nouns, Anja cautions), you can find Anja swimming or hiking—she even took part in a swimming competition in a freezing cold lake!
Filipino (Tagalog)
Originally from the Philippines, Coach Ann resides in Virginia with their two dogs, Dallas and Daisy (no photos, sorry). They have been with Rosetta Stone for 10 years and teaching Tagalog. Their tip for speaking the language better? Practice the -ng sound by breaking it up into syllables. They’re also a fan of visual arts: you can catch Ann snapping pictures or painting in their free time.
You can now find Austria native Coach Barbara in Alabama—and she’s taken her German knowledge with her! With a background ranging from psychology to the visual arts, this multi-talented coach also rides motorcycles when she’s not teaching. To speak better German, she advises, focus on the meanings of each word: you already know more than you think you do.
Located in the nation’s capital, Coach Davide has helped learners master their Italian skills for nine years with Rosetta Stone. Originally from Milan, Davide’s favorite Italian food is tiramisù and carbonara. (Getting hungry?) If you’re just getting to know the language, Davide recommends double-checking the endings of your verb conjugations for gender and pluralization.
Did you know that Irish is considered an endangered language? Coach Diarmuid wants to change that. Born in Cork and now living in New Jersey, Diarmuid studied Irish as an undergraduate and holds a postgraduate degree in education. They remind learners that while the language is endangered, it’s still used widely throughout Ireland today!
Spanish (Latin America)
Hailing from Peru, Coach Elizabeth loves spending time with Rosetta Stone Spanish learners. When she’s not hitting the tennis court or belly dancing, Elizabeth trains students on how to polish their pronunciation. “The H is sort of a decoration item in Spanish,” she jokes.
Spanish (Latin America)
When he’s not walking his dog, Vodka, hanging out with family, or playing music, Colombia native Coach Fernando teaches Latin American Spanish from Miami (which he’s been doing for 8 years). With a knack for grammar, Fernando cautions novices to double-check verb and noun agreement in their sentences.
Frederique has been showing learners the ropes in French for seven years with Rosetta Stone. An avid yoga fan, when she’s not doing headstands, Frederique is online helping students with the trickier elements of French. Look out for false cognates, she warns; a word may appear to mean one thing in English, but actually holds a totally different meaning in French.
Leaving their hometown of Lyon for his graduate studies, French Coach Gabe has traveled extensively (Switzerland, Tahiti, and Canada, to name a few places). With multiple advanced degrees, Gabe draws from academic experience in the virtual classroom. Gabe loves his dog Bingo, even if his beagle can be a troublemaker from time to time.
Filipino (Tagalog)
Tagalog Coach Karina loves a good mystery novel. But the language of their hometown, Baguio City, doesn’t need to be a mystery to learners. Watch out for Karina’s adorable dog, Red, who loves to hike with his owner.
Coach Katja was born in Braunschweig, Germany. Katja left Europe for the U.S., where she now teaches her native language to Rosetta Stone learners. She has a background in online learning and intercultural communication. In her spare time, Katja trains puppies and enjoys long walks with her five dogs. When learning the language, Coach Katja explains, it’s key to focus on facial expressions of others—this will help you pick up nonverbal cues in your conversations!
English (American)
New York native Lisa is ready to help give your English a boost. With experience living in Europe and South America, Coach Lisa knows how to help you avoid the most common pitfalls when learning English. For example, pronouncing consonants can be a tricky business—but don’t worry, Lisa will help you sound everything out!
Coach Mari speaks multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Korean and, of course, Japanese! Learning the language of her hometown, Nagoya City, isn’t a walk in the park. But Coach Mari always offers examples and corrections during her sessions. Plus, with an MA in Foreign Language Education from Florida International University, Mari knows all the tips and tricks for getting you speaking Japanese pronto.
Coach Maria is a person of many talents. She has directed award-winning short films and is a trained actress. But teaching Italian, the language of her hometown, is a passion she’s shared with Rosetta Stone learners for 12 years. Her recommendations for Italian food? “Pasta, pizza, gelato,” she advises, are the culinary must-haves. Sometimes the simpler, the better!
Spanish (Latin America) and English (American)
Born in California and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico, Coach Michelle has a breadth of experience when it comes to English and Spanish (plus German, Swedish, French, Greek and Russian!), which impacts her teaching style at Rosetta Stone. An intrepid traveler, Michelle has visited 33 countries and lived in both Japan and Sweden. When she’s not immersing herself in a new language or helping students master new grammar, you can find her taking pictures or knitting something comfy at home.
Beware those silent vowels in French, cautions Coach Nicole. Born in Virginia but partly raised in France, Nicole knows where anglophones go wrong in learning français—and how to correct those mistakes. This coach loves to hang out with her three children and chihuahua, Toby (“the love of my life”) at home in North Carolina.
A future lawyer, Coach Nina teaches German when they’re not hitting the books at the University of Michigan. Raised in both Germany and America, Nina holds unique insight into both languages, giving native English speakers a leg up in understanding Deutsch. While article usage in German can be tricky, Nina advises: “It's just a matter of practice and patience.” You’ll get the hang of it!
English (American)
A Fulbright winner with a PhD in Second Language Studies from the University of Pennsylvania, Coach Todd knows how to take a deep dive into English with his Rosetta Stone students. “The most common ‘mistake’ my learners make is that they highly underestimate their language abilities. For some reason or another, they feel like they cannot speak properly and I enjoy helping them understand that they're doing just fine and are communicating a lot to me without saying things perfectly,” Todd says.
Portuguese (Brazil)
Brazilian Portuguese can be tough to learn, but Coach Aline, born in Recife, makes things easy. With training in linguistics, Aline combines her knowledge of Portuguese with a gentle, fun approach for learners. If you don’t catch her in the virtual classroom, Aline can be found dancing her way through the ballroom!
English (American)
Born and raised in West Virginia, Coach Erin can get your English into tip-top shape. Repeating difficult sounds is essential to her method of teaching. That, plus memorizing new words, will help you improve. She loves to garden and relax with her dachshunds, Ripley and Cameo, plus her cats, Midnight and Oreo. (Don’t forget her rabbit, the aptly named Cadbury!)
Chinese (Mandarin)
Boasting 10 years of Chinese teaching experience, Coach Daisy can help you learn to speak the world’s most used language with her positive, practice-focused educational style. Although nothing will beat Chinese home cooking, Daisy recommends hot pot and dumplings for learners to become acquainted with China’s diverse food.
Currently working toward their doctorate degree, Coach Julia teaches German to Rosetta Stone learners with an emphasis on grammatical principles. Julia explains that by understanding these principles in a deeper way, it’s easier to place them into practice during daily conversation. Looking to get acquainted with German food? Currywurst, she advises, is a delicious introduction!
English (American)
Poet, book editor, educator, and social justice advocate, Coach Mikka wears many hats in addition to her role as an English teacher. With an MA in Teaching and Learning with Technology from Ashford University, Mikka knows how to provide a top-notch online learning experience. Consonants, like the letter “S,” can prove difficult for English newbies, Mikka explains, so slowing down and practicing is essential.
English (American)
With a BFA in Theatre from the University of Evansville, Seattle resident Coach Jon knows a thing or two about overcoming performance jitters. Jon helps learners get comfortable speaking English in front of others and can also help with advanced grammar conundrums, like figuring out which prepositions to use. A repository of random facts, Jon is also an asset on any trivia team!