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Drive Better Business Performance Through Language Break down barriers through language training for global businesses

Market Expansion

Prepare Your Workforce

Emerging markets will soon be home to more than 70% of world economic growth. Your employees must have the language skills to communicate effectively with colleagues, partners and clients.

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Workforce Development & Retention

Support Professional Development

Global competition for skilled and experienced talent makes it increasingly difficult to attract and retain top employees. Accelerate professional development that generates personal and professional rewards.

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Productivity & Collaboration

Enhance Employee Productivity

Sixty-seven percent of surveyed business leaders believe miscommunication contributes to inefficiency. Language skills drive innovation in a global environment where multilingual co-workers collaborate.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Foster Greater Understanding

Successful diversity and inclusion initiatives aim to position employees for business success. Help your employees develop the linguistic and cultural skills needed to support your D&I initiative.

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Workforce Safety

Reduce Risks of Language Barriers

Maintaining the safety and security of employees means ensuring they understand warnings, protocols, and your standard operating procedures. No matter what their native language is.

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English Language Training

Improve Communication & Profitability

English is the universal language for multinational business, but not all business English needs are the same. CatalystTM provides English solutions designed for beginner through very advanced learners.

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