Knowing business languages lets employees speak up

Learning new business languages takes practice. Rosetta Stone gets employees talking and perfecting their pronunciation right away. So they’ll be ready to speak for themselves and your business in no time.

Curious how it works? Try a lesson, on us.

Una bicicleta azul
Dos bicicletas azules
Dos bicicletas azules por un día por favor.

Learn naturally

Employees learn best when everything they hear, speak, read, and write is in their new language. That’s what our Dynamic Immersion® method does, building language confidence from the first lesson.

“Rosetta Stone helps us break down barriers and drive employee engagement.”

VP of Learning and Collaboration, Hitachi Data Systems

Start talking

Fear of mistakes can make learners shy about speaking a new language. Our TruAccent™ speech engine lets employees dial in their pronunciation so they’ll be confident when it’s time to talk business.

“The key benefits of Rosetta Stone language learning are the ability to learn anytime, anywhere, at your own pace . . .”

Director, HR CoC Global Learning, E.ON

Be heard

It’s a big leap from lessons to talking with co-workers and customers. Tutoring sessions with native speakers provide conversation practice so learners become naturals at speaking their new language.

“We have seen significant cost savings by implementing one enterprise-wide program . . .”

Sr. Talent Management Consultant, Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Go Mobile

Finding time to sit in a language classroom is hard. Our mobile apps give learners access to lessons and activities whenever the time is right. That way, any moment can become a great learning experience.

“LOVE IT! Rosetta Stone allows me to pick up a new language on my own at my own learning pace after work hours.”

TripAdvisor Employee, Singapore

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Online or off, our award-winning app speaks for itself.
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24 Languages icon
24 Languages
There’s one to match every employee’s goals.
Self-paced Immersion icon
Self-paced Immersion
Surrounded by one language is the fastest way to learn it.
Engaging Content icon
Engaging Content
Lessons keep pace with learners, not the other way around.
TruAccent™ Speech Recognition icon
TruAccent™ Speech Recognition
TruAccent™ Speech Recognition
Live Tutoring icon
Live Tutoring
Conversing with native speakers is a sure sign of success.
Mobile App icon
Mobile App
Learning and practicing is just a swipe away.
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Admins can easily keep up with learners.
Personalized Placement
English Proficiency Testing
Personalized Placement
Personalized Placement icon
Personalized Placement
Matches goals with how fast learners want to reach them.
Assessment icon
Finding out what employees know is the best place to start.
English Proficiency Testing icon
English Proficiency Testing
Use at the start and along the way to track progress.
Reporting icon
Real-time learner performance reports help measure ROI.
Implementation Support icon
Implementation Support
Expert services help administrators get learners off to a strong start.
Training icon
Tailored to your organization’s size and needs.

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