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Support Workforce
Diversity and Inclusion

Successful diversity and inclusion initiatives are often driven by fairness and justice, and aim to position employees for business success. Help your employees develop the linguistic and cultural skills needed to support your D&I initiative.

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Foster Greater Understanding

Language is the ultimate gateway to understanding. Enabling your diverse workforce to communicate with one another by speaking each other's language fosters openness and respect. See how Interstate Hotels and Resorts implemented a language-learning solution that could support employees and embrace diversity.

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Align Your Workforce to Your Customers

As your customer base becomes more diverse, aligning your workforce's linguistic and cultural competencies to those customers is imperative for your success.

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Elevate the Profile of D&I with a Strong Brand

Many companies seek to foster diversity and inclusion, but lack relevant, actionable training programs for their employees. Let the power of the Rosetta Stone brand help elevate the profile of your D&I initiatives.

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Overcome Diverse Talent Shortages

In many locations, it can be difficult to attract the diverse cultural and linguistic talent your business needs to succeed. You can overcome that challenge by fostering a global mindset and language skills among existing talent.

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