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Retain Customers by
Improving Customer Service

Businesses that excel at delighting customers excel at retaining them. And with customer acquisition costs significantly higher than retention costs, focusing on improving customer service is a sound strategy.

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The Loyalty Effect

A Harris Interactive report revealed that 60% of customers were willing to pay more to have a better experience with a company. Read more about the loyalty effect in this report. 

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Strengthen Understanding

With 30 languages including English to choose from, our language-learning solutions strengthen your employees' communication skills enabling them to better support customers, no matter their native language.

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The True Impact of Language Barriers

Eighty-nine percent of business leaders believe that customer loyalty increases when employees can support them in their native language. Do you know how language barriers impact your customer retention?

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Ensure a Customer-Centric Culture

Vi Living Communities strengthens its culture of excellence in professional development with language training for employees, which has resulted in a 5.3% increase in resident satisfaction.

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