Enhance Your German Learning with These Shows, Movies, Songs, and More

Between practice sessions with Rosetta Stone, it’s important to immerse yourself in a language’s culture. We’ve put together a list of playlists, movies, and more—so you can test your skills and experience German from anywhere in the world.



Hannah Arendt – Google Play

In German and English, this film explores philosopher Hannah Arendt’s most controversial work.

Das Leben der Anderen – Google Play

Winner of Best Foreign Film at the Academy Awards, this stunning movie explores the pervasive suspicion of East Germany.



German Pop – Spotify

Feel the beat and learn casual phrases from these fun lyrics.

Krautrock – Spotify

Loud guitars characterize this historical German rock playlist, assembled by the Goethe-Institut.

Lautstark – junge Musik aus Deutschland – Spotify    

A pop playlist designed specifically for German learners.



Radio D – iTunes

Fun stories that help English speakers understand German.

Deutsch perfekt Podcast – iTunes

Polish your comprehension skills with this series.

Deutsch Baukasten – iTunes

Explore each letter of the German alphabet.


I love Spotify song list you’ve given. I am learning German from Rosetta. I am loving the process <3

Just finished watching Hannah Arendt, I must say it is really a brilliant film. I highly recommend to everyone who is learning German.

learning the new language was too much difficult those day but with the help of movies and songs, it’s becoming very interesting <3

I am learning German and watched Hannah Arendt as per your suggestion. Looking forward to watching more awesome German movies.

just watched the movie Das Leben der Anderen, it really deserved that academy award as the best foreign film.

awesome thanks for share .. nice post admin ..

Spotify song list i love most.

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