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Immersion in Action

From lesson one, the language you're learning is the only one you'll hear and the only one you'll use.

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Foundation Level One


0 HRS 50 HRS

simple greetings &

Hello, how
are you?
What is
Nice to
meet you!
Where are
you from?

yourself, friends
& family

This is my
friend Anna.
My name is
David Brown.
Excuse me,
do you speak

Go shopping
& place orders.


How much
does the gray
sweater cost?
I'm buying
flowers because
I'm visiting my
grandmother this
I want to pay
with cash/a
credit card.

Connection Level Two

51 HRS 100 HRS

Transit & how
to get around.

Excuse me,
how do I get to
the library?
Take the bus to
the fourth bus
stop. Get off the
bus, and walk to
the second street.
I take
the subway
to work.

Make & Receive
phone calls.

Do you know
his phone
Who are
you calling?
Hello? Can I
speak with
John, please?

Time &

I would like
to make a
The bus
departs six
times a day.
My flight
arrives at

Exploration Level Three

101 HRS 150 HRS

Health &
well being.

I hurt my
elbow. Do
you have a
I'm sick.
Do you
have some

Weigh &
measure things.

I'm almost tall
enough to ride
the bicycle.
Please measure
the floor. It's
sixteen feet long
by thirteen feet
The slice of
pie weighs less
than the slice
of cheese

important events.


Will you
marry me?
on your new
I hope it
doesn't rain at
my wedding.

What's included

  • Interactive Software Our latest award winning version teaches you to speak, read, write, and think in your new language.
  • Live Conversation Sessions Online sessions with native speakers help you refine your conversation skills.
  • Accessibility on PC & Mac Access from any web-enabled Mac or PC, in any browser.
  • Games & Community Language-enhancing games move you towards real-world proficiency.
  • Mobile Apps Enhance your learning with our iPad®, iPhone®, and Android™ apps. Learn more

System Requirements

    • Windows: XP SP3, Vista SP2, Windows 7, or Windows 8
    • Mac (Intel based only): Snow Leopard, Lion, or Mountain Lion (OS X 10.6 or higher)
    • On Windows: 2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible processor or Intel® Atom™ 1.6GHz or faster processor for netbooks
    • On Mac: Intel Core™ Duo 1.33GHz or faster processor
    • 1 GB of RAM or higher
    • 600 MB free hard-drive space (per level)
    • CD or DVD drive for installation
    • 1024 x 768 display resolution

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