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At Rosetta Stone®, we need to stay on top of language technology trends, industry news and research, so as we discover interesting articles, videos, and podcasts that make us stop and think, we will post links on this page to share the content with you.  Check back on a regular basis for the latest updates, and be sure to register for our Rosetta Stone SmartBrief.

Ottawa to play matchmaker for foreign workers
If the candidates meet immigration qualifications, including fluency in English or French, Ottawa would process their applications within months. "They would arrive in Canada as permanent residents with prearranged jobs and literally be going to work at their skill level within a few days of arrival."
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Moscow's doctors to learn English to improve the city's image
A roadmap prepared for Russia's Ministry of Finance emphasizes the need to make foreign language competency a vital part of medical training for Russia's healthcare professionals."Eighty-five percent of world medical literature is in English. There's the English NICE Institute, which sets out the standards for clinical guidelines – that's all in English, too, and must be read.
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CDC: Chlorine gas leak at Ark. Tyson Foods plant occurred because worker couldn't read English
"This chlorine release and its resultant health effects were preventable," the CDC said. It noted an earlier study that said Hispanics are killed on the job at a higher rate than other workers and that training programs should ensure employees understand hazards. "All communication, training, and signage in the workplace should be easy-to-read and provided in languages understood by workers."
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Fargo-Moorhead English tutoring program expands
Recognizing a growth in the number of refugees in their area the Fargo-Moorhead Rotary clubs started "Project English" to help refugees learn English more quickly.  These actions are not only helping the immigrants and their families but local employers as well.
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Feds Face Foreign Language Crisis
Currently, only 74 percent of the State Department's "language-designated" positions are filled with adequately qualified personnel while only 28% of language jobs at the Defense Department are "filled with personnel at the required foreign-language proficiency level," remarked Laura Junor, a deputy assistant secretary of defense, in her statement.
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Vieques Against Crime Arm Puerto Rico Police with Rosetta Stone
"Our officers want to be able to communicate with the one-third of the island's population who doesn't speak English. We also believe it's critical to have a bilingual police department because of the explosion in tourism over the past few years."
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