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Phrasebook & Travel Tips

Learn Swahili and gain access to the language used as a lingua franca throughout many parts of East Africa.

Useful Phrases

  • Do you speak English? » Je, wewe huongea Kiingereza?
  • How much does this cost? » Hili ni bei gani?
  • What is your name? » Jina lako ni nani?

Restaurants and Hotels

  • Eu gostaria de fazer o check-in. » Ningependa kujiandikisha kwamba nimefika.
  • I have a reservation. » Nimeshika nafasi.
  • I would like the bill, please. » Ningependa unipe bili, tafadhali.

Getting Around

  • I am lost. » Nimepotea.
  • Excuse me. Where is the grocery store? » Samahani. Duka la mboga liko wapi?
  • Can you write it down? » Je, unaweza kuliandika mahali?

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